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If you are searching for mum & baby groups in Torfaen this is the place to be. When I first became a mother I was scared to head out to groups because I didn't know anyone, double-edged sword, I didn't know any other mums because I wasn't heading out into groups.

These groups are perfect for mums and babies, toddlers and are generally based in the Torfaen area comprising of Cwmbran and Pontypool. the area has great bus and train links but also lot's of small groups are listed so there should be something in your general area.

The most up to date resource I found for classes is a Facebook group you can request to join here.

They helpfully post each evening to alert you to available classes the next day. This helped me be more organised and able to get up and out in the morning - we all know it can be a struggle.

The group shows a great mix of classes both morning and afternoon with some weekend classes available as well.

If you are unsure what to take with you to a mother and baby group, keep reading for my tips.

The price of groups vary and sometimes they simply ask for a donation so I always like to keep some change in the front of my changing bag that I could grab at a moments notice.

Full change bag
Though Cwmbran itself is well stocked with shops it always makes you feel like you are parenting on all cylinders if you have all your stuff together. Check for spare clothes, nappies, bags, wipes, a drink or feed, snacks if needed (if only just for you) and a couple of your own distraction toys.

I've frequented many a church hall playgroup. Somehow they are either freezing or tropical so I try and put light layers on the young one and always go in prepared with something to wrap up in of the temperature is icy.

I'm not going to lie and tell you I've made lifelong friends at mum & baby groups, I've not. But it does make me feel like I'm less alone. It helps to tire my boy out and also makes me feel like I've done something with him = a little bit of a better parent. Just go in openminded. I've had deep chats with older ladies, laughed with peers about my lack of sleep and generally always leave feeling lighter. Remember, we are all in the same boat.
So if you are looking for mother and baby group in Torfaen please click here to join this ace Facebook group that is going to keep you right up to date and remember to enjoy it. it should be fun for you and your little one(s).

Know any other resources that keep mums up to date? Feel free to let us know here

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