Yoga for babies in North Wales


Are you looking for information on yoga for babies in North Wales? You've come to the right place my friend. There are many benefits of Yoga for babies so let's touch on them before giving you the details of some classes in the North Wales area that you and your little one can check out.

Why take your baby to yoga?

Baby yoga involves both Mum and baby movement which is beneficial for you both. guided movement is said to stimulate muscle and nerve development. We've all been told that babies need to spend time on their tummies to improve upper body and neck strength - hence all that fuss about tummy time.

Yoga is also a form of self-massage and when we stimulate certain points we can slow down production of stress hormones and I think we can all agree a less stressed Mum and baby can't be a bad thing.

Of course, we need to take care, little people have to go slow with their movements. Slow and gentle. However with some care of soft spots and some guidance from professionals baby yoga can be great for Mum and baby.

Firstly it's going to get you out of the house and at any stage of motherhood that can be a blessing. However getting out with a child can also come with a change bag full of stress so heading to the blissful environment of baby yoga, that's got to be easier than the supermarket run.

Secondly, if you head to a baby yoga class in North Wales you are going to meet some like-minded local Mums. They will be in exactly the same position as you and it's always great to meet some more people who 'get' the stage of life you are at.

Thirdly, go need a bit you 'you' time. Even if you have to take a baby with you. Yoga and breathing will leave you feeling calmer and may even help you connect on a deeper level with your child.



I've scoured the net to find a variety of listings for baby yoga in North Wales so click through to the following link to find the most up to date information on classes.

  • The British Wheel of Yoga lists classes across the country here
  • Find listings for classes in North Wales on the Netmums Website here
  • KidsGuide lists Mum & Baby classes as well as Pregnancy Yoga in Wrexham here
  • Birthlight Yoga list classes across the country here

I hope this gives you a chance to find a baby yoga class in North Wales which is near to you and your family. If you happen to know details of a class that isn't featured in this list please feel free to contact us and let us know. Anyway mama, enough from me, I hope Yoga leaves you and your little one feeling relaxed and stress-free.

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