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Jeremy Hunt threatens social media with new child-protection laws

Jeremy Hunt has threatened social media firms with new laws if they don't do more to protect children online.

In a letter to companies including Facebook and Google, the health secretary accused them of "turning a blind eye" to their impact on children.

The firms have until the end of April to outline action on cutting underage use, preventing cyber bullying, and promoting healthy screen time.

Mr Hunt said the current situation was "unfair to parents".

The age requirement to sign up to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat is 13 - although Snapchat has launched a version for under 13-year-olds.

To use WhatsApp or to have a YouTube account, you must also be at least 13.

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Mini-Me Austin Powers actor Verne Troyer dies aged 49

Verne Troyer, who is best known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films, has died at the age of 49.

Troyer, who was 2ft 8in (81cm) tall, also played Griphook in the first Harry Potter film.

"It is with great sadness and incredibly heavy hearts to write that Verne passed away today," a post on his official Facebook page read.

"Over the years he's struggled and won... but unfortunately this time was too much," it added.

Troyer appeared on a number of reality TV shows, including Celebrity Big Brother in the UK in 2009.

He has also made regular appearances on Celebrity Juice and starred in Keith Lemon's feature length film, Keith Lemon: The Film.

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Police searching for a man last seen two months ago have found a body.

Dean Tate, 40, from Highbridge, Somerset, was reported missing from Burnham-on-Sea during the early hours of February 24.

He was last seen in a pub on Pier Street and specialist teams searched for him on both land and in water.

Police said a member of the public contacted them on Saturday to report they had discovered a body on an island in the Bristol Channel.

The remains have not been formally identified but police believe they are Mr Tate's.

Avon and Somerset Police recovered the body, with assistance from the coastguard and Burnham Area Rescue Boat charity, from the low-lying, uninhabited Stert Island.

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Carwyn Jones to quit as first minister after the 'darkest of times'

Carwyn Jones has announced he will stand down as Wales' first minister in the autumn.

The AM for Bridgend made the announcement at the Welsh Labour party conference in Llandudno, which he said would be his last as leader.

Referring to the death of Carl Sargeant Mr Jones, 51, said he had been through the "darkest of times".

Mr Sargeant was found dead in November, days after Mr Jones sacked him from his cabinet job.




Trago Mills's £65m Merthyr Tydfil store opens at last

A new £65m megastore's opening has been described as a "landmark" in the regeneration of Merthyr Tydfil.

The Trago Mills discount department store will employ 350 people and has taken 18 months to build but has been almost 30 years in the planning.

It will also include the town's first tourist information centre for three years.

The development next to the Cyfarthfa retail park also includes independents ranging from bakeries to hairdressers.

Proposals first emerged for a store in the Pentrebach area in 1990, back to before the retail park was built off the A470.


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The Welsh might be known for their affinity with sheep - yet few perhaps would take this affection as far as Miranda Whall.

The artist spent much of last summer high up in the wild Cambrian mountains of Ceredigion, clad in a fluffy white fleece and crawling on all fours, filming as she went via 14 cameras attached to her body.

It was no mean feat; the terrain was boggy and stony, and she often had to crawl through rocky streams and barbed wire fences.

But the resultant work - a short documentary, plus video and audio installation - was, she feels, worth it, to draw attention to a landscape she claims needs great understanding and support.


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Women on the front line of protests in Gaza's buffer zone

In the deadly no-man’s land of Gaza’s buffer zone, a small group of Palestinian protesters hidden by black smoke, braved Israeli sniper fire and reached the perimeter fence. Tearing a piece away they made it back to safety, holding their trophy. 

The stunt was remarkable given the deaths of nearly three dozen protesters in recent weeks at the hands of soldiers firing across the border fence.

Since the start of the Great Return March four weeks ago, in which Gaza’s refugees are demanding the right to return to their lands now inside Israel, 32 unarmed protesters, including a child, have been killed by Israel’s sharpshooters ranged on the other side

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Normal Lives are exciting too

It may feel like the world isn't the happiest of places at the moment. But first-time author Libby Page is hoping that shining a light on the power of community and friendship in The Lido will be the uplifting read people need.

Positive reviews of The Lido - about how residents rally together to save their local pool from closure and developers threatening to use the land for luxury flats - started coming in before it was published on Thursday.

While Libby, 25, is delighted, she is also surprised - not least because she almost gave up on the novel after a year of pitching it to agents with no success.

"I think people are hooking onto the fact that it's an uplifting story," she says. "It's nice to read a feel-good story when, particularly in difficult times, there are lots of troubling things in the news. I think people are looking for just something that uplifts them."

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I became incontinent at the age of 30

Many women get flashbacks to their childbirth – the first reedy cry that pierces the air or a  newborn’s curling lips and tiny, feather breaths. The emotional battle between exhaustion and love. The smell of blood on the walls.

My flashbacks were different. They were rambling, visceral fragments not of my delivery but of what happened immediately after. The moments on a warm ordinary July morning when I realised that my body felt broken. I couldn’t focus on the memories of a hot newborn on my chest – I could only feel the shock of standing in my first puddle

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