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Labour vows to settle anti-Semitism complaints by July

Labour is promising to settle the "vast majority" of the outstanding cases of alleged anti-Semitism within the party by the end of July.

Jeremy Corbyn said dealing with complaints swiftly and fairly was a top priority for the new general secretary.

The Labour leader met members of the Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies of British Jews on Tuesday.

They said the talks were a "disappointing, missed opportunity" and did not agree a minimum plan of action.

Mr Corbyn has apologised for anti-Semitism in his party and said he was "absolutely committed" to rooting it out.

Sources close to the Labour leadership say Mr Corbyn agreed to speed up disciplinary procedures, but not to fixed timescales which might leave the party open to legal challenge.

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Man critical after Anfield attack before Liverpool-Roma clash

A 53-year-old man remains in a critical condition after he was attacked outside Anfield before Liverpool's Champions League semi-final against Roma.

Two men from Rome, aged 25 and 26, have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, Merseyside Police said.

The victim, thought to be a Liverpool fan from Ireland, has a head injury and is being treated in hospital.

In a statement, Liverpool FC said it was "shocked and appalled" and would be offering the victim "our full support".

The attack happened outside The Albert pub in Walton Breck Road at about 19:35 BST on Tuesday - 10 minutes before kick-off.

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Alfie Evans health update: Appeal hearing set for TODAY - latest news on court appeal

The 23-month-old toddler suffering a degenerative neurological disorder was taken off of life support on Monday night following a High Court Decision which entrusted Alder Hey Children’s Hospital with the decision.

Doctors involved in the case have agreed Alfie’s condition is beyond help and keeping the boy on ventilator is prolonging his suffering in an “inhumane” fashion.

Alfie’s parents, Tom Evans and Kate James have challenged the decision in a slew of legal challenges and bitter battles to little avail. Mr Evans argued today his brave little son was still fighting on and breathing on his own.

One last glimmer of hope arrived in the form of Italian citizenship, granted to Alfie in a bid to transfer him to Rome's Bambino Gesu Paediatric Hospital.

An emergency hearing in the Family Divisions of the High Court this afternoon in Manchester was held today at 3.30pm, to decide the fate of the boy.

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The number of people calling a domestic abuse helpline with concerns about a friend, neighbour or family member has risen by 15%.




Calls to domestic abuse hotline by friends and family rise

Live Fear Free, a Welsh Government initiative, saw calls go from 583 between April 2016 and March 2017 to 671 in the same period to March 2018.

On Wednesday, domestic abuse survivors will meet ministers in Cardiff Bay to share their stories.

The government is launching a campaign encouraging people to report concerns.

One employer has spoken of intervening when colleagues noticed a change in their workmate following domestic abuse.

Police forces in Wales dealt with 38,583 domestic abuse related incidents last year according to Home Office figures but experts fear that figure could be higher, as a large proportion of incidents go unreported.

The Don't Be a Bystander campaign will urge people to take action if they are worried someone could be at risk of domestic abuse.

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Speed limits on five major roads to tackle air pollution

A £20m fund to improve air quality and 50mph speed limits on stretches of five main roads and motorways are being brought in to tackle emissions.

The Welsh Government wants to cut nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels on roads where they are above legal limits.

The High Court had ordered ministers to act after they failed to meet EU targets on air pollution.

The environment minister said it was about doing the "right thing" for the environment and people's health.

A consultation will open on Wednesday on the plans.

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Welsh and UK governments agree Brexit bill deal

The UK and Welsh governments have reached agreement over a long-running Brexit "power-grab" row.

The agreement on changes to the UK Government EU (Withdrawal) Bill follows months of discussions.

Wales' Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford said the deal means powers in areas "currently devolved remain devolved".

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood accused Labour of selling Wales "down the river" and capitulating to Westminster.

David Lidington, UK Cabinet Office minister, said the deal represented a "significant achievement that will provide legal certainty".

The Scottish Government has rejected the latest offer, saying under the latest proposal the Scottish Parliament's "hands would be tied".





Kim Wall death - what we know so far

It is a "black irony" that Kim Wall - the journalist whose remains were found off Denmark - died while working in such a familiar and seemingly safe area, say friends and family.

The 30-year-old freelance reporter had travelled the world in pursuit of her stories - from Uganda to Cuba to the Marshall Islands to Kenya to New York City.

At one point she even "slipped into" North Korea.

She specialised in stories about identity, gender or subcultures, often with social justice themes.

"Kim has worked as a journalist in many dangerous places, and we have often been worried about her," her parents wrote in a letter to Danish TV while she was still missing.

"That something could happen to her in Copenhagen, just a few kilometres from the childhood home, we could not imagine at all."

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How can businesses tackle sexual harassment?

"I've just moved house, do you want to come over and test my mattress?"

Charlotte reads from a list of #MeToo moments - the times in her career where she has experienced some kind of unwanted sexual attention. As a solicitor working in property, this text message from one of her clients is just the tip of the jaw-dropping iceberg.

"The worst one was by a married senior colleague. We had been at an event with lots of alcohol and he was brushing my hair with his wedding ring hand and saying I was very pretty.

"He's a very senior, well-respected person and known to be a family man. So it was very difficult for me to feel that I could report him because he had a real stature in the firm."

Cases such as Charlotte's (she asked us not to use her surname) dog every industry.

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New ban on epilepsy drug in pregnancy

An epilepsy drug that can damage unborn babies must no longer be prescribed to girls and women of childbearing age in the UK unless they sign a form to say that they understand the risks.

Drug regulator the MHRA says the new measures it's introducing will keep future generations of children safe.

Those already on valproate medication should see their GP to have their treatment reviewed.

No woman or girl should stop taking it without medical advice though.

It is thought about 20,000 children in the UK have been left with disabilities caused by valproate since the drug was introduced in the 1970s.

Affected families have called for a public inquiry and compensation.

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