Spring Capsule Wardrobe - April

I love clothes. However, Let’s face facts. I am not a fashion blogger-model-type-photogenic-remotely Instagram friendly kinda gal.

I’m really awkward in photo’s. I barely ever apply make-up to this face. Most of the time I cannot be faffed to do my hair and so I come here to talk to you about clothes with my tail between my legs. I get it, I’m not your typical fashion post type of blogger.

However, I am here. I am here because if you want to see something different you have to do something different, be a part of something different. So here goes nothing.

I am busty, I carry all my weight on my stomach, I’ve never really lost my ‘baby weight’, I don’t have an endless budget. I’m just like a ton of women in Wales, who probably much like me, don’t see themselves as fashionable like you see on social media or in adverts.

I really wanted to get some help with my clothes so last year I worked with a lovely lady called Renee (not an ad). Renee is a blogger and stylist. She has had an amazing career in styling for celebs and magazines and now she has a great business and 3 little ones at home.

Renee launched a service called The Mummy Style Experience and I jumped at it. There were a few steps

  • A questionnaire

  • A wardrobe cleanse

  • The Look book.

Renee asked a ton of questions about me, my body and my life. I answered them all brutally honestly and probably with way too much detail.

For the cleanse we had a face to face video call (I had already culled my wardrobe considerably just because the majority of it did not fit but I walked her through what I had)

Renee then produced me a gorgeous look book(with click to shop links) - It was like my own personal Boden catalogue, full of key pieces for the upcoming season that I could fit into my budget and most importantly that I could work with items that I already owned.

Working with Renee gave me a a really great boost and some added confidence with what I was wearing. I would highly recommend her to anyone - Click here if you want to check her out. Working with Renee also made me consider having a much smaller selection of clothes that I could mix and match, saving me stress when thinking of what to wear, saving me time and also money. So that’s what I’ve been trying to do this year. I wanted to share my purchases for April with you in the hope that you may firstly be interested but secondly, that you may reconsider how you work some of your own outfits this month making you feel confident and absolutely beautiful to boot.

My Spring Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration

I like to be comfy but working with Renee made me see that I also really love and actually missed, feeling ‘Put together’ and a little bit smarter. I am always a little bit overdressed and I’m quite conservative with my choices.

At the moment I seem to spend my life in gym gear so I’m looking forward to piecing together some outfits for the season that can take me anywhere, will work for the weird UK weather and that can be mixed and matched to get the ultimate use out of them

Shop your own wardrobe

This was a great tip I grabbed from Renee but it was to build on what you already have. So with that in mind I already own

  • A trench coat - I purchased mine from Massimo Dutti about 7 years ago. It’s still got years of wear left in it and I bought it oversized (at the time) so I still wear it.

  • Black Jumpsuit - I bought a black utility style jumpsuit for a night out back in February and I have worn it to death. it can be dressed up but also works great with trainers and I love having the whole outfit sorted in one hit. I got mine from New look - you can shop similar here

  • Handbags - I have handbags for days so as much as i’d like a summery straw type one - I’m holding off.

    What I bought This Month

  • Loafers

    I have been looking for a pair of brown/tan loafers since the christmas sales but have been put of by the price tag. I really wanted real leather so that they would be comfy, I could polish them and get them resoled/heeled at the cobblers. (I know. I’m so very late 30’s). I really wanted Russell & Bromley ones because the quality is outstanding but I could not afford the price tag and even second hand they sell for a small fortune.

    I was passing some time before I met a friend in Abergavenny last week and happened upon a pair of brown loafers, in a size 8 (I’m tall with big feet) in the local charity shop. They were new, with tags, from M&S and were a bargain £7. So I snapped them up.

    A loafer is a practical, smarter looking flat shoe for me that will work with tons of my existing wardrobe and will see me into next year because they don’t really date.

  • Jeans

    I’ve dropped a dress size thanks to all the dancing I’ve been doing and as a result I have no jeans. All my existing jeans are too big now and I have that awkward, hiking them up every few steps thing going on. I’m also not small enough to fit into any of my much smaller jeans so I needed some new ones that fit well and didn’t cost a lot. For me Primark fits the bill with this. I feel like I should spend on a far more sustainable jean that would last me longer and would be created in a more ethical manner but in the spirit of honesty, I don’t have a fortune to spend on jeans and I have a really awkward body shape. I have been trying for years to find jeans that fit me well because I have very slim legs for a big girl (there I said it) and Primark Skinny Jeans £13 - do. I bought a darker wash blue pair and my lovely neighbour gave me a pair of black ones that didn’t fit her.

  • Khaki Shirt

    I blame this on Renee. I saw her mention Khaki Utility shirts on her Instagram account as a mini trend and I knew it would work for me. I love an earthy tone palette for clothing, it works well with my colouring and also a shirt and jeans is so simple and makes me feel like i’ve got my shit together. I got mine from Primark when I picked up the jeans. It’s current stock and was £12. It’s a lovely weighty fabric and would work for later in the summer too.

So that’s what i’ve got so far. I’m still on the lookout for a dress what can work casually and for some event things I have happening in May and I have my eye on a new blazer in a lighter colour way for the (hopefully) better weather.

How do you approach your clothes now you are a mum? I’d love to hear your thought so feel free to keep this conversation going in The Village or over on Facebook.

Ceri Gillett

Ceri is a seriel entrepreneur, overthinker and occasional wine drinker.

Most often found in the Monmouthshire countryside with Fred (2.5 years). Likes Rap and Red nails in no particular order.