Edition 1 - Hacking Easter

So apparently Easter decorating is now a THING. Not content with forcing us into celebrating 'fall', Halloween & Christmas for the whole of December. It's now that time of year that we are supposed to roll up our sleeves ladies, and decorate for the Spring. I'm sure in my own Mother's day they just gave the house a damn good clean but alas, we need to go one step further.

The shops on my local High Street are fit to burst with bunny rabbit themed decor and I for one am not quite sure if I should shriek with joy or horror but here's the thing, I might secretly LOVE it.

Maybe it's the fact that winter is hanging on for dear life here in Wales and I feel like I seriously, NEED Spring. I think I'm ready to welcome some sunnier colors into my life & my house. I'm praising the brighter mornings. However, I'm  still a totally overwhelmed-with-life woman. I have little time or funds for a Pinterest Easter extravaganza so if like me, you want to do this Easter thing but you want a hack (an easy way to get the same result) read on my friend.

If you want to go all 'Spring-Time-Pro' without the Woe - Here is our TWM Hacks Easter Top 10

Celebrate Easter


Have a bloody good clean 

Spring Cleaning is already a thing, no news there. Now is as good a time as any to have a deep clean. Hopefully the spring sunshine is on it's way and we all know that in turn, will show every mark on the windows and that lovely layer of dust that's accumulated since Christmas.

With best selling books on the shelves including The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo & The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson it seems ditching the clutter and cleansing our homes is well and truly on our minds.

So if a spring clean would make you feel a heck of a lot better, we are here to help. We've scored Pinterest to save you the bother and put together the Ultimate guide to Easy Spring Cleaning - Just click HERE to read it.

easy spring cleaning


Get Floral without the Financial Outlay

I love me some flowers. They make it seem Spring-like for sure. They also make me feel really well prepared for life, because people that put fresh flowers all over their homes really have their shiz together, no?

Anywho. If you want an easy-peasy was to bring a touch of spring indoors, fresh flowers are a simple way to brighten things up.

My faves - affordable too are as follows

  • Daffodils - No explanation needed
  • Tulips - Multiple colours available, affordable and they last pretty well
  • Gypsophila  - Baby's breath.. Pretty

I attempt any kind of cheap bloom, Aldi/ Lidl being my place of choice and I can fill my house for under £10.


Easy Easter Flowers


Garland Crazy

When I was Pregnant with Fred we went on holiday to Austria. It was at exactly this time of year and the mountains were snow capped but the sun shone everyday. If you've never been to Austria, It is heavenly. One thing I was not prepared for was how much they loved Easter! The shops were crammed full with specialty easter items, Easter trees, delicately decorated eggs and chocolate galore. I went a bit OTT and brought a ton of stuff home with us including a gorgeous Spring wreath for the door. I love putting it up each year and it stays put till about June if I'm honest.

If you fancy a Garland or wreath to adorn your home I've selected a few budget choices for you below. (Just click on each item and it'll take you over to Amazon)


LanLan LifeLike Spring Wreath £9.41 From Amazon

Easter Burlap Banner £8.59 From Amazon

Natural Egg Garland £4.99 From Amazon

Wooden Happy Easter Bunting £7.49 From Amazon

easy home garlands


The Easter Tree


We’ve all heard of Christmas trees, but festive foliage now has a spring rival – in the form of the Easter tree.

Although they sound like something that probably originated in the US, Easter trees are actually a centuries-old German tradition – although they’ve been growing increasingly popular over the pond in the States, and now the trend is catching on in the UK too.

Also called Easter egg trees (‘osterbaum’ in German), they’re simply tree branches – either standing in a vase inside your home, or a living tree outdoors – decorated with colourful little Easter eggs or Easter ornaments.

The eggs can be real ones that are hollowed out, blown and painted, or plastic, wooden or chocolate ones. The idea is that eggs symbolise life, so the trees are a symbol of new life as springtime kicks in. That said, they don’t just pop up at Easter – egg trees are even decorated at Christmas, for the summer solstice and May Day.

If you want to buy one, I found a great option at Asda (You can see it here) and it will cost you £8.00.


Eggs, beautiful eggs.

Eggs for you easter tree

Like these clear beauties for £8.99 HERE

Or these cuties HERE that come as a full kit for £14.95

Or just pop them in a big ole bowl and keep the kids away - You can pile em high, stock a variety of real eggs, Hen, Duck, Quail. Absolutely beautiful and useable


Easter home decorating


Send an Invitation

If you are welcoming Spring into your home, why not welcome some real people too. We've hibernated over Winter and now is the time to start fresh.

I'm a big community advocate. It helps that I live in a tiny area, understood but as well as inviting friends over why not welcome in the Spring by welcoming in your neighbours? Mine get's back from Singapore next week and I can't wait to invite her and a few others over for some easy nibbles and a chat.

easter celebrations


Make some plans

(I'm not mentioning the snow) The weather doesn't tend to be too great for us Welshies over the Easter bank holiday weekend but we won't let that stop us. Easter is the perfect time to make some plans with your loved ones and get outside.

If you want to see a full list of what's on in Wales this Easter, Just check out our post HERE

And remember if you have plans, keep us up to date by posting over on the Facebook page HERE or by joining Y Clwb. We always want to share the great days out we can have with other community members.

what do do for easter


Celebrate & welcome it in

Whatever your plans this Easter, do something to mark it and welcome it in. If you don't celebrate in a religious way or you really hate the commercialism, I still think it's a special time of the year. A chance to turn over a new leaf, get outside more or just praise the lighter mornings.

Whatever you do, Happy Easter from Me & all of us at TWM HQ

Celebrate Easter

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