Easy Father's Day Breakfast Ideas

What better way to celebrate the Father in your life, than cooking up a storm and treating the man in question to breakfast in bed. We've scoured Pinterest for some easy, effective breakfasts that you can throw together for Fathers Day and sit back and relish in the glory of doing a good deed for the day.

1) Breakfast Quesadilla - By Little Dairy On The Prairie

breakfast quesadilla

These look quick, easy and actually a really flipping good idea. bonus points given because you can put most things in a quesadilla, add cheese and it just works!

2) The Good Old Fry Up - By The English Kitchen

fry up.

I mean, come on. James would love nothing more than  a fry up on any day of the week. Customise as you see fit but it's a treat.

3) Skakshuka FTW - By Joyful Healthy Eats


It's 1 pan! Do we need any others reasons to love this dish and wanna give it a try? Nope, thought not.



Is he health concious? Does he have a sweet tooth - ** Boom ** this might be a winner

5) The Cubano Breakfast Sandwich - By Kitchen Confidante


say hello to your eggy, tasty breakfast bun of dreams. You might wanna make sure you are making one of these for yourself as well as your special someone on Fathers Day because, mate! This looks delicious.

6) Eggs Baked in Portobello Mushrooms - By Healthy Recipes


Simple, tasty - makes a change from toast. worth a try.

7) Avocado & Radish Toast with Sesame seeds - By Nutrition a la Natalie


This would be super easy to make for a Father's Day breakfast/brunch and is suitable for veggies & vegans.


Will you be treating someone to an easy breakfast or brunch this Father's day? I hope these simple ideas might inspire tour breakfast choices but remember it's the thought that counts. For more easy recipes head over and follow us on Pinterest, we always pin tons of easy makes that will satisfy all kinds of eaters. See you there

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