What is the hardest part of being a parent today?

Parenting ain't easy, that's for sure.

We lead such busy lives these day's and we've often talked here at This Welsh Mother about the decline in 'the village' as a physical place and that being replaced with this, an online village where parents seek friendships and advice - everything really. It doesn't make it right, I'm sure many of us long for closer connections but there is one thing we all acknowledge, parenting can be really, really hard.

So we asked the lovely humans over on our This welsh Mother Facebook page

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Buckle in for some funny and some soul-stirring answers from our clwb.

1) The 4 am wake ups OR finding nits - Jo Cooksey

A loud 'Amen' is screeched from all the other sleep-deprived parents to this one Jo.

2) Having to leave my sick baba to go to work today - Emma Wills

I think we can all feel for Emma here. It can be heartbreaking to leave a poorly one at home. That inability to split yourself in two is so tough - You did it for the greater good Emma.

3) Working mama Issues

This one came up often. 'Being a working mama' said Annie, 'finding a job that fits around 3 children' said Sophie.

4) Supporting them through a separation - Andrew Roberts

must be heartbreaking and if you find yourself in this situation and feel you need additional help please contact Gingerbread by clicking here

5) being a good role model - Diane Mosey Davies

agreed Diane, this can seem like the hugest task at times but you are doing it, every day.

6) Ummmm ... ummmm .... the forgetting / tiredness / brain fog, sometimes I think I’m literally losing my mind 🙂 but love them with all my heart  - Michelle Letherby

7) Trying to keep a 5 yr old 16 and 19 all happy at once! & working part time:( don't recommend age gaps! - Lyndsey Hughes-Jones

8) The hardest part is when they grow up & start going their own way ...  it’s awful ..🙈 ...feel lost!! Enjoy them when they’re small - Helen Phillips

Important to remember when you are having tough days with little ones, almost willing them to get older. Remember that saying 'The days may be long but the years they are short"

9) Honesty - when your little ones are perfect everyone knows about it. When they’re teenagers and vile no one talks about it! Mine are 13, 17 and 20. They confuse me with their logistics. And jargon. And mood swings. They hate me and love me. - Nellie Pom Poms

Wise words as always from Nellie.

10) Getting the kids out of bed so that they could go to their dads while I'm off to work - first day back after our holidays! (so obviously I'm working hard/ waiting for coffee to kick in) - Ffion Hoare

I'm worshipping at the temple of caffeine with you Ffion

11) Lack of family nearby, and the few we have are all working. Outside daycare we have no support and I don’t think we are alone in this. - Helen Trehearne

I don't think Helen is alone in this at all, In fact when we asked our Welsh Mothers recently well over half lived over 50 miles from close family.

12) Having to fight to get my boys the help and support they need. I have 5 boys, 2 are SEN - Claire Rocks

I think we can all agree with Claire that this must be super tough but there are so many of you strong mamas fighting the good fight to ensure that your Children have the best access to what they need. Keep on doing it.



I think we can all agree that parenting has it's hard parts like we've expressed above. We all have different paths and journeys and the best thing we can do is be open to other parents and offer them unconditional support for their parenting journey. Surely that's what we need more of. More support, less judging.

If you feel you need a little bit more online support please make sure you are a part of our private member's group Y Clwb. It's a great mix of silly and serious in there and there is a tribe of wonderful women waiting to support you - Click here to join and I'll see you on the other side




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