Learning Welsh As An Adult

If you read my post last week about deciding to put my toddler into Welsh medium nursery, you'll know learning Welsh has been on my mind. I studied Welsh at school, up to GCSE level but I really never use the language at all and do not feel confident attempting to speak it.

Since deciding to pursue Welsh medium education for Fred, I've been looking for lessons. The thing is, I know I would find it a struggle to attend them, because my schedule each week can be so drastically different, that's the perk as well as the downside of self-employment, the business has to come first. 

Last night when I was mindlessly scrolling Facebook I came across a Facebook ad for a Welsh Language course and immediately clicked through to take a look. The SSiW 6 Month welsh Speaker Course has been created by (as the name suggests) Say Something In Welsh.

They run 'Brain Shock' intensive language courses that immerse you into Welsh and help you get amazing results when learning the language. However, the courses weren't suited to everyone. They found that not everyone could take time out for a residential programme and not everyone could afford the £1000-£2000 fees either. So SSiw decided to put together all they had learned producing these courses and offer them in a slightly different format, making them accessible to more people.

To study this course you have to be willing to put 2 to 4 hours of work in per week. Which is a bit more than your standard weekly Welsh lesson, granted. However, the results are set to be far quicker as a result. the course is delivered online over a total of six months with weekly lessons delivered to your inbox on a Monday morning.

This is not a paid collaboration. I have paid £40.00 per month to join this course. You can also pay £200 in one lump sum. I think the price is really good for what you get and the set up that I have seen so far is easy to use, understand and seems very comprehensive.

I'm going to commence with lesson one tonight. So I'll update you next Monday and let you know how I've got on.

If you are interested in this course, you can find more information here

and for information on finding Welsh lessons in your area, click here and search the website. There is also information here on Clwb Cwtch a FREE Welsh language resource for parents/carers of young children.

Are you interested in hearing more about learning Welsh as an adult? If so bve sure to let me know over on Facebook. You can find our page here  or join our closed Facebook group for Welsh Mother - Y Clwb by clicking HERE


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