Meet The Mentors - Michelle Childs - Founders of BizMums

If you've not heard us harping on about Business School, Where have you been? This September This Welsh Mother launches it's first 12-week Business School and there is still time for you to take part!

Business School is a project dreamed up by our founder Ceri Gillett & her big time business bestie (and total online business babe) Aby Moore. On a mission to introduce more women to entrepreneurship Ceri & Aby will be opening the doors to Business School on September the 5th and students will be taken through 12 weeks of easily digestible lessons that will help you refine your business idea and get all your ducks in a row ready for your best business year yet, in 2019.

As well as a weekly lesson each of the business school students will be introduced to a different business mentor each week. These people have been hand selected because they are super inspirational and will help each of us see that we are capable of brilliant achievements (because it's really easy to forget that sometimes). 

We announced our first mentor a few weeks back if you've not met her yet, check out the post here But today I'm really excited to introduce you to our second mentor

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Mother's - Meet Michelle.

“Hi, I’m Michelle Childs, founder of BizMums.

Back in 2012, I had a full-time job, my own business, a 3-year-old and a baby on the way. I was so worried about how I was going to manage it all. I wanted to leave my office job, grow my own business and be with my young family – but how?

I enjoyed the support and motivation I got from networking groups and I looked for one that I could take my children along to, as childcare for 2 was going to be difficult. But there weren’t any groups like that!

So I decided to create it myself…

…and started BizMums, a networking group for mums in business that you can bring your children to. I set up one meeting in my hometown, used social media to spread the word and waited…

My goal was simple: to give mums the support and knowledge they needed to create the work-life balance they wanted.

The result: SUCCESS!

In that first meeting, we had a small number of mums and such positive comments. I knew I was on to something.

Just 3 years on, we now have 80 groups all over the UK, many Members and a team of Hosts and Co-ordinators to support them and help to run it all.

We have online support for our Members, with Facebook groups for each area for networking outside of Meetups. Plus Members can access an archive of business tips and information online to keep them informed and motivated.

I now have 3 children and am managing a business I love, helping other mums to do the same!

You can make this happen for you too…

Setting up your own business is hard, especially alongside being a mum. There were sleepless nights with the children and rows about money and so much to do and learn – sometimes I felt like giving up.

But I kept on following my dream!  And now BizMums meetups and membership helps to inspire and support mums with their own businesses and have the work-life balance they want."


I am a member of Bizmums. it helped me meet like-minded women when I was at home with a small wriggly baby and I'm now also a meeting host and hold a networking get together once a month in Penarth.

Michelle is a super inspiring, funny and likeable lady and I'm so proud to have her on board for Business School to tell you more about her story and also about the power of face to face meeting and networking EVEN in online business.

If you have a burning passion to start a business OR you already have but want 2019 to be the year it really grows and takes off, why not consider joining us in Business School and take a slice of time for you each week, which can help you grow and develop with a ton of women in exactly the same place as you.

We'd love to have you. To grab the full deets on Business School - Click here.

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