The Best Parenting Tips From Real Welsh Mothers

One of the things that make us most proud here at TWM Headquarters are the amazing Women who make our community THE BEST place to hang out. 

On Facebook, in our private Facebook group and over on Instagram we can honestly say they are the most supportive and funny bunch (and that's exactly what we need more of to help us get through some testing parenting days) So we asked our amazing group of Welsh Mothers

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What is your best parenting tip that you'd love to share with others?

and here are their answers for you to enjoy

1) Take time out for yourself - Sophie Wood

Seems so simple but often for a parent it's the hardest thing to do, especially if you don't have anyone to help look after your children. However, most of us already know that we need to put on our own oxygen masks before we attempt to help others so whether you take some time in the day, when they are off at friends or clubs or even after bedtime be sure to try and take some time for you. You deserve it.

2) This too is a phase that will pass - Anita Davies

"It's so true and I find it helps to remind myself of this occasionally when I'm feeling frustrated or concerned".

3) Do it your way - Hayley Twigg Wheeler

"By all means listen to advise, guidance etc. Then take the bits that suit your family and parent your way". We couldn't agree more.

4) Don't be so hard on yourself - Marie White

Wise words from Marie. Being kind to you is the best gift you can give yourself.

5) Take a moment - Jessica Morris

"You can give them the bird behind their backs and call them assholes under your breath. Doesn't mean you are a bad parent". This was one of our most popular answers and we love Jessica's humour because you know what, sometimes you do just need to take that moment to yourself, take a breath and get on with your day.

6) Expect the unexpected - Katie Louise Jones

Let's get that on a t-shirt.

7) Consistency and routine - Danie Morris

"My daughter tends to go wild if she doesn't know what's happening and what we're going to do next". Danie is right, some kids do thrive off routine so if this makes everything in life easier for you, stick with it.

8) Gin - Elinor Louise Thomas

Need we say more

9) No such thing as guilt-free parenting - Anne Marie

Amen to that Anne Marie

10) Baby vests pull up as well as down

I mean, where was this piece of advice when I was knee deep in poonami's - if you don't now - search it on google NOW

11) You're the boss - They are the children - Andrew Oliver

It doesn't seem it some days but it's really important to remember who is in charge

12) Never judge others - Jade Owen

When you've passed through one of the many phases of parenthood and on to the net it can be really difficult to remember what those earlier days were like. It's easy to judge - let's be honest but remember - parenting is hard - no one needs judgment what we need is solidarity - just an 'i've been there' can make all the difference.

13) Don't try and be their best friend ALL the time - Rachel Adams

"You are their mum/dad. They only have one of you, they'll have lot's of friends, as will you. It will help keep the lines clear as to who is the boss and they respect you more. My son is now 19 and I've always respected his opinion and he's (mostly) listened to and respected mine. And as single mum since he was 9 months old we've had very few arguments/problems in the last 19 years".

14) Don't take a blind bit of notice - Nellie Pom Poms

We love Nellie here at This Welsh Mother so decided to end with this sweet advice from one of our favorite Mothers. She say's "Don't take a blind bit of notice of any advice from the 'perfect parent brigade' - The truth is, there is no such thing. Carry on regardless'


Thanks to all our Welsh Mothers who gave us their best tips over on our Facebook page. Are you a part of our private Facebook group? If not click here to join us and keep the conversation going.

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