A note on spontaneity

Hello my name is Ceri and I am spontaneous.

Whatever happened to spontaneity? I think I started to lose it around 2014 when I met James. (sorry love) You see, there is nothing that will kill a bit of spontaneity than being met head-on with the creature they call a planner. Every time my 'let's go' nature flares up, it's usually countered with a 'plan of attack'. It kills the buzz for sure.

Then came Motherhood. Every good Woman worth her salt knows that if anything, you plan the bejesus out of that. I'm leaving out conception here gals, but the day-to-day tasks of Motherhood must be planned. The way we parent must be planned, the outings must be planned and the hours, even the minutes get planned in order to survive. But planning does not fill me with joy. Planning fills me with dread.

I like car journeys with no destination. Eating meals that have been scraped together or bought on a whim. I like Monday's with the whole week before me and the possibility that absolutely anything could happen. I do not need a plan.

Over the last three years, I have butted heads with the planner. He's coming over to the dark side. We've found a way of letting him organise but leaving me out of the details. I've seen the shocked faces at my parenting choices, camping with your 4-week old newborn? really? Backpacking round Italy with a 6-month old? Where did you keep all his stuff? Bedtime routine? Daily Routine? You get the picture.

I understand that sometimes you need a plan to get you through each day. I understand those busy families with multiple kids, jobs and a to-do list as long as their arms. They can cling to planning because if not, everything crumbles but there has to be something said for spontaneity even at this stage of our lives, actually, especially at this stage in our lives.

Motherhood, as I've mentioned lends itself to planning and organisation but there is a lot to be said for promoting creativity, spontaneity and well, imagination. When was the last time you just did something for the hell of it? Left the house without a plan? Let the day go by and just let anything be possible?

Yesterday for me. We jumped in the car on the most miserable of Sunday's. The drizzle was incessant and the temperature cold. The small human napped in the car and woke up in Brecon. The three of us toddled the town and foraged the local Morrisons for late lunch supplies. With meats, bread, pate and cheese in the car, all probably very 'un-child-friendly' we headed back out into the beacons, found a layby near a reservoir and settled in for lunch.

The rain poured hard against the car windows, we had nowhere to go so we ate. and chatted. and the small one played on his probably again not-kid-friendly tablet and toured the car with his blaze and the monster machines toy.


This was not a day out that you Pin to recreate on Pinterest. It was not a day out at the latest Insta-cafe in fabulous outfits. We were all at least 30% covered in pate by 3pm. It was the perfect kind of day that never slips inside the covers of a parenting magazine.

No one really plans to sit in the rain in a layby and eat some dry bread and accompaniments. But it's the kind of lovely that could happen when you let go of plans and just embrace being with each other for the day and surely that's what we should be promoting everywhere. Surely what we all need is less pressure, less perfection and more joy found in the small nooks and crannies of life.

So I will forge forward embracing my lacklustre planning capabilities and I hope you will embrace the mess and just go, just one day and see where the road takes you.


family walk brecon beacons



Ceri Gillett

Ceri is a seriel entrepreneur, overthinker and occasional wine drinker.

Most often found in the Monmouthshire countryside with Fred (2.5 years). Likes Rap and Red nails in no particular order.