Edition 1 - Spring Cleaning Made Easy

I never thought I'd be putting together a post on Spring Cleaning. The Feminist in me is screaming at myself BUT I do think a good spring clean can not only help your surroundings (hello clutter, I'm coming for ya) but also your mental state. 

It's just easier to live in a house that's had a good clean. It can make us feel calmer, more in control and in a better place to start the new term and all the craziness that goes along with it.

With that being said, we are busy. We don't have time to dedicate the whole weekend to the purge and cleanse so how can we Sring Clean but not be slaving away indoors for three days?

You need a hack!

A hack is just a way of getting something done easier, a shortcut maybe. We love a good hack, here at TWM HQ.

We've taken the liberty of scouring Pinterest to find all the best hacks so that if you want to cleanse but don't want to sign your life away. You can!

Check out our top tips below

easy cleaning hacks
spring clean your house
make your house smell better
genius cleaning hacks

8 Beyond genius cleaning hacks every girl should know - Chasing Foxes

So there we have 4 great articles that you can use to solve your cleaning woes. We hope whatever you are doing this Easter that you don't spend it all on a Spring clean and that maybe these hacks help.

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